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Journals are published by International Journal of College and University

In Collaboration with the Universidad Tecnica de Manabi (Ecuador-South America)

International Course in Linguistics by the SOAS University of London

Publishing partner team for IJCU Journals that located in Indian. All of them are professor which has much contribution for IJCU Journals.

In Collaboration with the Universidad Tecnica de Manabi (Ecuador-South America)

Comparative studies is arranged by Prof. Dennis W. Johnson (USA) that conducted in Udayana University then doctorate program student follow this important event wherein some of them are article authors of IJCU Journal.

In Collaboration with the Universidad Tecnica de Manabi (Ecuador-South America)


Attending on Updating and Maintaining IJCU Metadata

Dear Authors, IJCU hope you enjoyed our webinar. Below please find the links to the recording and slides.  Video recording Youtube:  Presentations slides on Slideshare: Watch Recording Please send your questions, comments, and feedback to

IJCU Journals Impact Factor for 2016

The IJCU Management provide new Impact Factor for 2016 by SJIF.  International Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture : 4.655  International Research Journal of Engineering, IT & Scientific Research : 5.211 International Research Journal of Management, IT & Social Sciences : 5.462    

PILA Crossref Board of Directors Election 2016

The owner of Publisher IJCU has been successfully transmitted the PILA/Crossref Board of Directors Election 2016. Election of Board of Directors - Slate of Candidates with terms expiring in 2019 is Chris Shillum (Elsevier). Publisher's International Linking Association, Inc. PROXY is PILA Proxy. This receipt details the selections you made when participating in the PILA/CrossRef Bo

IJCU Publisher on Webinar

IJCU Webinar ID: 972-499-467 Dear IJCU, Hello Attendees,  Thanks so much for your attendance at Thursday's webinar. You can access a recording of the webinar from this email.  Crossref would like to extend a special thanks to Steve Shadle, Serials Access Librarian at the University of Washington Libraries, for giving a keynote presentation on how libraries use m

International Course in Linguistics by the SOAS University of London

The editors and authors of IJCU Journals adhered International Course in Linguistics held by the University of Udayana in collaboration with linguistics society of Indonesia under SOAS/ELDP (Endangered Language Documentation Program) scholarship. The theme was exploring the diversity of Nusantara languages in conjunction with International Congress of Linguistics Society of Indonesia 24 - 17 Augus

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PILA/Crossref is located in Boston, MA 02284-6065. They have been agreed associated IJCU Journals on their International Publisher that covered many publisher in the world, unlike Elsevier Production towards ScienceDirect. It means that all articles on IJCU Journals were linked of of Cited-by Linking on