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Membership and Services

Benefits of Registering

  1. IJCU members will be assigned  to be the committee, chair or reviewer of the relevant IJCU conference
  2. IJCU members get discount and have access to a variety of cost-saving sponsored conferences programs

How to register become IJCU member (procedure)

  1. All candidates must be an active members in the IJCU academic product that released by IJCU. IJCU requires all prospective users must be registered in the activity as an editor, reviewer, or reader in one or several journals published by the IJCU ( Who have not registered yet please register now at this link (
  2. If you are already registered as an active user in (procedure above), please go to membership registration site and enter the email address for verification.
  3. If you have successfully at this stage please check your personal data.
  4. For further prospective members are required to enter a username and password which must be the same as that used for registration in
  5. Once the data is complete then you have to wait for an email notification of the membership application manager that you have verified to join the IJCU.
  6. Once accepted you can reply then you can log in as a member IJCU.


For further information, do not hesitate to contact: with subject [Membership].