Construction of Visual Features of Indonesian Digital Poetry

  • Johan Mahyudi Mataram University, Indonesia
  • Djoko Saryono Malang State University, Promotor
  • Wahyudi Siswanto Malang State University, Co-promotor 1
  • Yuni Pratiwi Malang State University, Co-promotor 2


In short time, Indonesian digital poetry attracts its audience through a series of visualization features of the digital art. This research uses a short segment analysis on Indonesian videography digital poetry to demonstrate the existence of visual conglomeration practices through the creation of objects, features, a feature of space, measuring distance in feature space, and dimension reduction. These five approaches are proposed by Manovich (2014) in ​​grouping millions of visual artworks based on simple criteria. Of the three common objects are found, Indonesian animators, prefer individuals and texts as the main impression. The movement features are found in cinematic poetry and its rely depend on kinetic texts. Meanwhile, non-movement features can be found in the form of human imitation or part of them, portraits, silhouettes, and comics. Indonesian digital poetry of space features in form of textual space is prioritizing on the kinetics text, the space of time is prioritizing the presentation of objects association of words are spoken, the neutral space is prioritizing the use of computer technology application. The grouping of visual art composition is based on two criteria: the technique of creating and artistic impressions. The dimensional reducing is prominently practiced by Afrizal Malna.

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