Antioxidant Activity of Apis Mellifera sp. Propolis Extract from Java (Indonesia)

  • - Wiwekowati Faculty of Dentistry, Mahasaraswati University
  • Putu Astawa Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University
  • I Made Jawi Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University
  • Ardo Sabir Faculty of Dentistry, Hasanudin University


Propolis was one of natural antioxidant source in the flavonoid and phenolic acid form. The propolis antioxidant potential was influenced by the plant factors that grow in geographic area wherein the bees alive. The propolis biological effect was known and have been used since antiquity. This research was intended to investigate the propolis antioxidant potential originating from Java (Indonesia). The method that was used to test its antioxidant character with the total of flavonoid activity test and the total of phenol. The strength for its antioxidant was measured by DPPH IC50 test. The result was obtained that propolis antioxidant potential from Java has a very strong potency with DPPH 35,6 µg/ml. The conclusion was Apis Mellifera sp propolis from Java has a high potential to be developed. The high drug activity and propolis therapeutic effectiveness were expected to giving a positive value and contribution to dentistry practice.

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