Intellectual Disability

  • - Hepsiba Lecturer, Benniah College of Education, Burugapudi, E.G.Dt., Research Scholar, Andhra University
  • MVR. Raju H.O.D. of Psychology, Behavioural Psychologist, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam


Intellectual disability is a disability that occurs before age 18. People with this disability experience significant limitations in two main areas: 1) Intellectual functioning and 2) Adaptive behavior. These limitations are expressed in the person’s conceptual, social and practical everyday living skills. A number of people with intellectual disability are mildly affected, making the disability difficult to recognize without visual cues. Intellectual disability is diagnosed through the use of standardized tests of intelligence and adaptive behavior. In this article, we will examine the symptoms and causes of intellectual disability and go through the diagnosis of intellectual disability using standardized tests of intelligence and discuss the role of the community environment and needed support.

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