The Period of Leaf Level and the Conflict in Efforts to Get the Ordinary Siam Plant

  • I Nengah Suaria Faculty of Agriculture, Warmadewa University, Bali-Indonesia
  • Ni Putu Anom Sulistiawati Faculty of Agriculture, Warmadewa University, Bali-Indonesia
  • Ni Komang Alit Astiari Faculty of Agriculture, Warmadewa University, Bali-Indonesia


The aim of this research to get a picture of the prolific bud leaves, flowering in the framework of the formation of harvest fruit Siam. Shoots are produced from cultured vegetative vegetation, I e without going through a marriage process because it comes from one parent. The critical point of the formation of the fruit is largely determined by the flowering formation process. Environmental factors and nutritional and hormonal activity in the plant and environmental factors that influence flowering are a mineral nutrient balance, temperature, sunlight intensity and photoperiod. The study was conducted from March to November 2017, in Seming Village, Kerta District, Gianyar Regency of Bali Province. The research is descriptive so there is no special treatment given to the samples. The research is done by the descriptive method that is continuous research so that there is a thorough knowledge about the horticultural cultivation problem of tropical fruit, especially the citrus fruit so that the physiology science of flowering and flowering is obtained in relation get the fruit of the harvest. The citrus varieties used in this research are Siamese orange varieties that have been 6 years old. The number of samples observed as many as 10 plants with the observation of the shoot formation period with the observation once every two days, the percentage of leaf buds, the period of leaf buds, the number of buds that developed. The results showed that the cultivation of Siam plant experienced shoot growth period during one phase of growth 3 times in one period of growth. There are 4 stages of a period of replanting that is 1). Early budgets, 2), full repayment, 3) adult mating and 4) dormancy repayment. Description of flowering development process until the formation of blossom flowers there are 5 important stages traversed by citrus plants are: 1) flower induction, 2) initiation of flowers, 3) development of flower buds towards an thesis, 4) blooming flowers 5) pollination and conception. Siam citrus plants reach the stage of reproductive development, with some or all apical meristem shoots on the branches stop producing leaves and start forming the flower parts according to the typical sequence in the formation of broad flowers apical meristem gradually decreases as the flower parts are formed in sequence. The order of the formation of the flower parts on the citrus plant lasts from the inside out, starting from sepals. Petals, stamens, and pistils. Citrus plant reaches the development stage of reproductive development with a mark of some or all of the apex buds on the branches stop producing leaves and begin to forming parts of the flower according to the typical order. In the formation of broad flowering apical meristem gradually diminishes when the flower is formed in sequence. The sequence of the formations of the flowers on the planting of Siam citrus plant from outside to inside that is ranging from sepal, petal, stamens, and pistils. In contrast to vegetative growth such as the formation of leaves that meristem apex widened again during a period of development.

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SUARIA, I Nengah; SULISTIAWATI, Ni Putu Anom; ASTIARI, Ni Komang Alit. The Period of Leaf Level and the Conflict in Efforts to Get the Ordinary Siam Plant. International Research Journal of Engineering, IT & Scientific Research, [S.l.], v. 3, n. 6, p. 21-31, nov. 2017. ISSN 2454-2261. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 20 feb. 2018. doi: